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Therapy EHR: Empowering Therapists for Enhanced Client Care

In the evolving landscape of mental health care, therapists require tools that simplify their workflows and enhance client care. PIMSY EHR, a specialized therapy electronic health record (EHR) system, is designed to meet these needs. With features tailored to therapy practices, PIMSY EHR streamlines administrative tasks, supports effective treatment planning and fosters better client outcomes.

A Therapist’s All-in-One Solution

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Telehealth Services: Bridging Distances in Therapy

Telehealth functionality in PIMSY EHR is more than just a convenience; it’s necessary in the modern therapeutic landscape. This feature enables therapists to offer remote therapy sessions in compliance with industry standards, making mental health care more accessible to clients, regardless of location.

Personalized Treatment Plans: Guiding Client Progress

At the heart of effective therapy is a well-structured treatment plan. PIMSY’s treatment plan feature allows therapists to craft personalized, goal-oriented plans for each client. These plans include specific interventions and measurable outcomes, ensuring that therapists and clients are aligned in their therapeutic journey. Regular progress tracking within the system enables therapists to make timely adjustments to the plan, fostering better client outcomes and ensuring a focused therapeutic process.

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Client Dashboard: A Comprehensive Overview

The client dashboard in PIMSY is a centralized hub for all client-related information. It provides therapists instant access to crucial data, including appointment history, active treatment plans, and detailed progress notes. This comprehensive view ensures that therapists have all the necessary information at their fingertips, leading to more informed and effective therapy sessions. Also, offers role-based access and different access levels.

Client Management: Simplifying Administration

PIMSY EHR’s client management system revolutionizes how therapists schedule appointments and interact with their clients. With its intuitive online scheduling feature, therapists and clients can easily manage appointments. Our online system not only simplifies the process of setting up sessions but also ensures that managing a therapist’s calendar is as efficient as possible. Also, PIMSY enhances client engagement and reduces no-shows through automated appointment reminders. This comprehensive approach to client management, combining online scheduling and proactive appointment reminders, ensures a smooth, coordinated schedule, reducing administrative tasks and allowing therapists to focus more on client care

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PAISLY AI: Efficient Documentation

Clinical documentation is a critical aspect of therapy practice, and PIMSY makes it easier. The system’s therapy notes feature allows for quick and accurate recording of session details, treatment updates, and client interactions. This streamlined documentation process not only ensures compliance with healthcare standards but also frees up more time for therapists to engage with their clients.

Data-Driven Insights: The Reporting Module

Informed decision-making is key to successful therapy practices. PIMSY’s practice management software provides therapists with the ability to generate comprehensive reports on various aspects of patient care, financial performance, and more. These reports offer valuable insights into client progress, treatment effectiveness, and operational metrics, aiding therapists in continually improving their practice.


“PIMSY is a powerful, yet very affordable, system geared for behavioral health. They thought of everything you could want – and more – and it offers a lot of customization.”

– Andrew H.

“Since we went live with PIMSY in July of 2021, ALL of our chart audits by our stakeholders have exceeded expectations. They really like how easy it is for them to review charts on PIMSY. This includes Partners Behavioral Health, US Probation Office, Sandhills Center, and Vaya Health. We look forward to growing with PIMSY.”

– Darrell B.


How does PIMSY EHR ensure client confidentiality and data security?

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of patient data. PIMSY is completely HIPAA-compliant and helps your practice maintain compliance and data security. Click here for additional details.

Additionally, Canadian client data is housed exclusively on Microsoft Azure servers in Canada, adhering to PHIPA / PIEDA-compliant requirements.

Can the PIMSY EHR system integrate with other tools and software commonly used in a therapy practice?

Yes, we integrate with multiple industry partners. We pride ourselves on being customizable, adaptable, and full-service EMR software. Therefore, if we don’t currently offer a feature you are looking for through integration, we can get it

How does PIMSY handle billing processes and insurance claims?

PIMSY EHR streamlines medical billing processes by automating tasks and integrating with various third-party clearinghouses, simplifying interactions with insurance companies. This integration aids in efficient claim submissions and management, ensuring seamless communication between therapists and insurance providers. These features significantly reduce administrative burden and enhance the accuracy of billing and insurance claims handling in medical practices.

Does PIMSY EHR system offer customizable templates for notes and reports?

Yes, we’ve also created PAISLY AI. Our innovative AI tool assists with clinical documentation, therapy notes, and electronic medical records. Learn more about our note template library and PAISLY AI features.

What kind of training and support is offered for new users of the EHR system?

Our dedicated US-based customer support team is available Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 8 PM EST. We provide various channels of support, including phone, email, and live chat. For urgent matters outside of these hours, there’s an emergency line to ensure you’re always covered.

What is the cost of the PIMSY EHR, and are there different pricing plans?

Yes, we offer multiple pricing options based on the size of your practice and the collection of features. Explore our range of pricing options here.

What mental health specialties does PIMSY accommodate?

We are a mental health EHR software encompassing therapy, psychiatry, substance abuse organizations, private practices, occupational therapy, and other mental health professionals. If you’re interested in PIMSY for your practice, connect with our team!

Why PIMSY EHR for your Behavioral Health Practice?


In the dynamic realm of mental health, therapists require an EHR system that is both robust and intuitive, catering to the unique demands of their practice. PIMSY EHR emerges as a standout solution, simplifying operations and enriching each patient experience with features like seamless telehealth, efficient documentation, and insightful reporting. Emphasizing security, ease of use, and continuous innovation, PIMSY EHR is the key to elevating mental health care. Ready to transform your therapy practice? Contact us today for a free demo and discover how PIMSY EHR can streamline your operations, enhance client engagement, and foster the growth of your practice. 

Take the first step towards a more efficient and impactful therapy practice with PIMSY EHR – your partner in delivering exceptional mental health care.

Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.