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Treatment Planning

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PIMSY Treatment Plan Builder for Efficient and Individualized Treatment Planning

Treatment planning in mental health involves collaboratively developing a detailed plan of care to address a person’s mental health needs. It is a crucial aspect of mental health care that guides the course of treatment, ensuring that interventions are tailored to the specific challenges and goals identified by the patient. Manually handling this process can lead to inefficiencies and oversights in treatment and hinder the ability to adapt quickly to the client’s needs, compromising the effectiveness of treatment 


PIMSY Treatment Plan Builder / Wiley Treatment Planning

Elevate treatment planning to another level with PIMSY EHR Treatment Plan Builder. PIMSY automates the process and allows you to customize it to provide quality care, foster collaboration, ensure compliance, and promote the well-being of your clients. By effectively streamlining the treatment planning process, efficiency is enhanced, ensuring consistent and timely updates while allowing providers to focus more on therapeutic interventions rather than administrative tasks.   

The PIMSY Wiley Treatment Planner takes this a step further. As an additional add-on feature, Wiley creates a working library, allowing users to choose from countless treatment goals, objectives, and interventions organized by needs/issues. The Wiley Treatment Planner is tried and trusted in insurance audits, so you’ll never miss a reimbursement, and clinicians can develop fully customizable treatment plans from an extensive list of evidence-based treatment options. 

Key Advantages:

User-Friendly Interface
The intuitive and user-friendly interface streamlines the treatment planning process and minimizes the learning curve for mental health professionals.  

Customization and Flexibility
Customize treatment plans based on individual needs, allowing for flexibility in goal setting and intervention strategies.  

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking
Features that support the establishment of measurable goals and tools for tracking progress.  

Templates and Pre-Configured Content
Pre-configured templates or content libraries for common mental health conditions, ensuring efficiency in treatment planning while allowing for customization.  

Security and Compliance 
Robust security measures to protect sensitive patient information and comply with HIPAA regulations.  

Mobile Accessibility
Mobile compatibility for accessibility on various devices, supporting mental health professionals who may need to access and update information remotely.  

Data Analytics and Reporting
Analytical tools that provide insights into treatment outcomes, allowing mental health professionals to evaluate and improve practices continuously.  

Crisis Management Features
Features to address crisis situations, including the ability to create crisis plans and immediate access to emergency contact information, have been incorporated.  

Updates and Support 
Regular software updates and reliable customer support to address issues promptly and ensure the system remains current and functional.  

The ability to scale as your practice grows, accommodating more patients and employees.  


PIMSY EHR is a powerful solution that aligns with specific needs and enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment planning process.  

Treatment planning is a pivotal aspect of mental health care, ensuring tailored interventions and client planning. Automating treatment planning with PIMSY EHR offers a comprehensive solution that excels in functionality. PIMSY EHR is a powerful tool that aligns with specific agency needs and significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment planning process for mental health professionals.  

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