EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health
PIMSY behavioral health software is different

PIMSY Is Different

Behavioral Health Practice Management

PIMSY is both Electronic Health Records and Practice Management software, integrated into one efficient system. It was created by and for mental / behavioral healthcare and substance abuse providers. See Behavioral Health EHR or Mental Health Practice Management for details.

PIMSY is unique:

> Automatically Populate Your Own Forms PIMSY can automatically calibrate up to 80 different data points from the patient chart, filling out your forms with data directly from the patient chart. This allows you to manage, complete and sign-on off on any document within the program.

This is just one example of how, with our flexibility options, you control how PIMSY works. Create your own forms, control system settings, calibrate the program to your specifications. PIMSY allows you to recreate your process in a software package. “Software is a tool – how you use it is the solution!”

> One Efficient System: No more toggling between various programs, trying to connect and integrate disjointed software. PIMSY connects, organizes and streamlines all of your data for optimal security and efficiency.

> Affordable: Get an enterprise-level software for a small system price. PIMSY pays for itself – and offers a superior return on investment (ROI), especially measured against the price of comparable programs.

> Group & Team Notes: PIMSY is one of the only behavioral health EMRs to offer group and team notes in additional to our comprehensive, flexible and customizable assessment and progress notes.

> Your Data Isn’t Hostage: Unlike many other systems, PIMSY makes it easy for you to access and retrieve your data: click here for details.

> Superior Support: “I don’t care if you have the best program in the world, if you can’t use it, then it doesn’t help you. PIMSY has the features that I need and the customer support to teach me how to use them.” (Seth H., Practice Owner)

PIMSY’s Support Team offers an intensive level of customer service. They not only train you thoroughly on the system and help you calibrate it for your needs, they’re also available for any ongoing assistance or fine-tuning.

> Compliance & Security: Not only is PIMSY completely HIPAA-compliant and securely in the Cloud, we’re leading the pack for compliance. PIMSY has fully integrated the DSM-5, including all mental / behavioral health ICD-10 codes – and it’s the only system we know of to offer a PQRS claims-based reporting tool for QDC codes. PIMSY keeps your data completely safe, and is Stage 2/2014 Edition Meaningful Use certified. Check out our Resource Centers for details.

> In the trenches: PIMSY was created specifically for mental health and substance usage providers: it was built by and for the people who use it every day. While the corporate giants spit out systems to try and capture the behavioral health care market, we’ve been in the trenches with our clients, supporting their needs, for close to a decade. We know our clients names, practices, challenges and successes – we have a relationship with our customers.

“Thanks for all of the support that you and your staff have offered. Your endless intervention with the insurance companies on our behalf has been truly impressive and incredibly helpful. You have treated us as if we are your only customer. I realize that this must be a very busy time for you [5010 transition] and greatly appreciate your commitment to our practice.” (Dr. Michelle R., Business Director)

> You Won’t Outgrow PIMSY: PIMSY offers 3 different tiers of price and functionality, to continually address the changing needs of your practice. PIMSY grows with you.

PIMSY is a solution, not just a product!

PIMSY saves time, reduces cost and improves practice profitability – click below for details:



Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner

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