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What Can a Behavioral Health EHR Do For Your Practice?

Ready to make the jump from paper to electronic records? Are you considering switching systems? Looking for a program that’s geared to your wants & needs?

A behavioral health EHR should increase efficiency by connecting every part of your practice: for example, the treatment plan you create for your client can be automatically and electronically popped into any note. This reduces redundancy and increases the quality of your services by seamlessly connecting separate pieces of the client chart.

Your EHR should enhance security: having electronic records instead of paper charts helps keep the data safer & more secure, because they can now only be seen by the people with the passwords to access the EHR. PIMSY offers user security roles, meaning that you assign safeguards within the system: a psychiatrist or therapist role allows your providers to see the notes of their clients – and doesn’t let them access notes from a client that hasn’t been assigned to them – or billing.

Check out the comprehensive guide “What Do Electronic Health Records Mean For Our Practice” for details.

What is Behavioral Health EHR?

Electronic health records (EHR), also known as electronic medical records (EMR) is essentially an electronic format of traditional paper notes and charting. Ideally, mental health EHRs go a step beyond just electronic software and also integrate practice management functionality. Check out this overview of behavioral health EHR and how it can enhance your practice.

Should you get a Mental / Behavioral Health EHR?

Choosing to adopt an EHR for your practice is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. Whether you’re a single provider practice or a 300 person plus organization, an EHR is an investment of time, energy and money that is well worth it you’re on the right system – but it can be huge drain on resources (and morale) if you make that investment with a software that’s not right for you. The key to success is thorough research to implement the right system.

Should you upgrade to a new Mental / Behavioral Health EHR?

Sometimes, the system that you thought was right for your practice turns out not to be – this may be because your organization is growing and its needs changing; or it could be because of the EHR’s limitations. Either way, if you’re clinging to an outdated practice management program that no longer meet your needs, you may be costing your organization more than you realize!

An outdated system that isn’t able to provide what you require and/or is inefficient for your workflow may be costing you much more than just its price tag. If you or your staff are having to essentially work around a clunky mental health EHR, you’re probably not only wasting time, money and energy; you’re most likely also missing out on profits and growth!

One of PIMSY EHR’s greatest strengths is its customizability and flexibility: we offer 4 different tiers to pick the price & functionality you need, and you can customize PIMSY to your specifications, regardless of which tier you choose. Moving between the tiers is seamless, which means that you won’t outgrow PIMSY! It grows with your practice.

See Have You Outgrown Your Legacy System for details & tips.

How do you pick the right Behavioral Health EHR for your practice?

While there are many factors that determine the right system for your organization, the most important features of a successful software implementation are a) finding the right system for your practice and b) making sure that your employees are thoroughly trained on the software to maximize its benefits.

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More Information About Behavioral Health EHR

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To find out more about PIMSY EHR and how it can enhance your organization: watch our free demo, get a customized quote, and contact us for more information: 877.334.8512, ext 1

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