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Are You Locked into the Wrong EHR?

PUBLISHED ON: 08.02.2023

It’s Easy to Reamin Locked into Operating Within the Wrong EHR

Regrettably, it’s not uncommon for agencies to find themselves locked into using the wrong electronic records system or EHR (electronic health record). Even if they wish to switch to a more suitable program as their contract approaches expiration, they often need help ind extracting their data from the existing legacy system.

Importing and exporting client data can be highly time-consuming when dealing with an EHR. Factors such as the volume of information, the format in which it is stored (e.g., paper, Excel, Word), and the specific electronic records system to which the data is transitioning affect the outcome. This process demands efficiency and organization to be successful.

Due to the laborious nature of data migration, agencies may be hesitant to switch to a different system, fearing the repetition of this challenging endeavor. Moreover, some EHR systems need a more straightforward method to retrieve client records, making it even more difficult to part ways and move on when needed.

Add it to Your Contract

Agencies should include a specific clause in their contract with an electronic records system vendor to mitigate these issues, ensuring easy access to their data if they choose to keep the agreement. If a contract is already in place, agencies can still request the addition of such a clause retroactively. Should the vendor resist or refuse, it is prudent to implement a backup plan and independently back up the data outside the system.

PIMSY Makes It Easy to Retrieve Your Data

In contrast, PIMSY, an EHR provider, takes a customer-centric approach, emphasizing the agency’s ownership of its data. They offer a global export feature allowing users to export data from any system page easily. If a customer decides to leave, PIMSY provides all of their data on an FTP site, ensuring a smooth transition. PIMSY believes in the integrity of its products and services and aims to support its clients in making the best decisions for their needs.

If you seek a reliable EHR solution, contact PIMSY to explore whether our solution meets your requirements. PIMSY offers a range of complimentary tools, such as a Video Demo, Features page, and Solutions for mental and behavioral health, to help organizations find the right system. The EHR Resource Center and EHR Guide also provide valuable tips for researching prospective methods and making informed choices.

Author: pehradmin

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