EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health


Services Offered by PIMSY

PIMSY’s cost includes top-notch training, implementation and support. We hold your hand through every step of the process until your PIMSY site is launched. However, if you’d like additional services – above and beyond our comprehensive standard services – we offer some powerful optional add-ons.

Would you like our team to build customized reports for you? Do you want assistance with expanding your practice as it grows?

“Your team has been extremely helpful in working with our staff, helping us customize the system to our needs. PIMSY is able to support our growth as we expand our services.”

-Matt T., Behavior Intervention Services

Check out our (optional) add-on services:


Admin Services

PIMSY’s Admin Services is the “White Glove” level of Support to assist your staff with data entry and other needs during the Implementation and Training process

Enhanced Implementation

PIMSY’s standard implementation process covers all of the basic needs to get you trained, up and running on PIMSY. Typically, this is offered via phone calls and Web trainings.

Our enhanced implementation package includes on-site support for a boosted Go Live experience! Our team comes to you, offering tailored Training, set up and customization of PIMSY for your agency.


Clearinghouse Partners

PIMSY is partnered with a variety of different clearinghouses. Pick the level of service, functionality and price that best fits your organization:

  1. Waystar / Navicure
  2. ClaimMD
  3. TriZetto / Gateway
  4. Ability
  5. Office Ally



With BluePay credit card processing, PIMSY customers can accept electronic payments simply, securely and seamlessly.

BluePay helps streamline the payment process by offering an integrated payment solution with convenient access to the virtual terminal, mobile and tablet processing.

BluePay can also help you save time and improve cash flow by offering recurring billing & batch credit card processing. Their extensive industry experience and knowledgeable merchant account specialists offer PIMSY clients the best rates available.

Click here to learn more about saving time and reducing costs with PIMSY + BluePay!


H2H Solutions

H2H Solutions offers a HIPAA-compliant ePrescribing option, integrated right into PIMSY. Digital Rx processes a variety of electronic prescription options, including EPCS.


Alert Solutions

A research study by Software Advice found that:

  1. “43% of clients admitted to having missed mental health appointments without giving prior notice. 

  2. Among those who missed appointments, conflicting work or family obligations (27%) and forgetting (27%) were the most common reasons.

  3. The greatest percentage of patients (43%) preferred personalized text message and phone call reminders over their automated counterparts.”

When you consider that only four missed appointments per week can result in an annual revenue loss of $30,000 (or more), appointment reminders are well worth the cost + effort.

In partnership with Alert Solutions, PIMSY customers can send appointment reminders via text, phone call or email, and can be customized + configured to the preferences of your agency. 

Appointment reminders not only help your clients show up for their session, it can also drastically reduce the workload on your front desk staff. See more here

“The feedback from the staff and providers has been very positive! Appointment reminders have saved us tons of time and money just from calling the patients – it has also helped us reach patients who may not have an active phone number or they do not have minutes on their phone, but they can text and email!” ~ Mat C., Billing / Staff Manager



Let us assist you in identifying which speech-to-text provider will best meet your needs!



BillFlash offers PIMSY customers a seamlessly integrated method to mail paper statements to their clients. Receiving a physical reminder of any outstanding balance greatly helps patients pay their bill more quickly; and with BillFlash, you more than recoup the cost of the service in increased remittance.


Secure Video
PIMSY offers an integrated telehealth solution utilizing Secure Video, which is HIPAA-compliant, secure and easy to use.


Wiley Treatment Planner

PIMSY comes standard with robust treatment plan options, including customizable templates. For those who want more, it also interfaces with the Wiley Treatment Plan Library.


Datamotion – HIPAA-compliant email provider…


Remote Desktop Solutions
Let us help you with our hosted RDP…


One of PIMSY’s greatest strengths has always been its customization capabilities. 

We offer so many ways to quickly modify the program to meet your needs: we have hundreds of settings we can easily turn on & off; we can create custom scripts based on your requirements; and our Q&A functionality gives you the capability to make changes on your own. 

Let us help you tailor PIMSY to your specifications: contact us for pricing & details.

Let our team implement your unique system changes, tailored scripts, data migration, custom reports, and more…
Our team also offers form customization, report & document creation, site specifications, and so much more. The sky’s the limit – contact us to see how we can fulfill your EHR wish list.


Lab Integration

PIMSY is integrated with several labs, offering you the freedom to pick which vendor best meets your needs:

  1. Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories*
  2. Cal Laboratory
  3. Cordant Health Solutions
  4. Dominion Diagnostics
  5. Millennium Labs
  6. Precision
  7. Redwood Labs*
  8. Truetox Laboratories
If you don’t see your lab listed here, request it! We can implement custom development to integrate with your lab(s). See details about PIMSY’s Lab Integration here
*integration with PIMSY is in process 


HIE Integration

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) is a statewide repository which allows providers + agencies to share clients’ health information for more efficient, effective and safe care.

PIMSY currently offers HIE integration in Maine and is in the process of connecting to other states, including North Carolina.


PIMSY LifeLine
PIMSY LifeLine is crisis “hotline” and call center management system which can be purchased as a stand-alone solution or integrated into PIMSY mental health EHR.
Click here for details about LifeLine…

Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner