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Case Studies

Mind to Mindful

Name: Mind to Mindful (M2M)
Web Site:  
Users: 141 
Location: HQ in California / multiple locations 
Customer: 3 years
Services:  Outpatient therapy, group therapy, telehealth, mindfulness training

Cornerstone Behavioral Health

Name: Cornerstone Behavioral Health (CBH)
Web Site:  
Users: 130 
Location: HQ in Bangor, ME / 2 locations 
Customer: 9 years
Services: Outpatient and group therapy, behavioral health home/case management, psychological testing, medication management, substance use evaluations and treatment, medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD), and opioid health home (OHH) services.  

The Northern Lighthouse, Inc.

Name: The Northern Lighthouse, Inc. (TNL)
Web Site: 
Users: 33
Location: HQ in Maine / 4 locations
Customer: 8 years
Services: Short-Term Residential Programs (Ages 8-21), Section 28 Program, Outpatient Therapy, Training and Education, Community Integration and Skills-building program

Alcohol and Drug Services

Name:  Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS)
Web Site:
Users: 42
Location: HQ in High Point, NC / 9 locations 
Customer: 8 years
Services: Outpatient Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Medication-Assisted Treatment, and Medication Management (Psychiatry) 

Blue Moon Senior Services

Name: Blue Moon Senior Services
Web Site:
Users: 290
Location: HQ in Plainfield, IL  / 486 locations serviced
Customer: 11 years
Programs: Telehealth and Counseling/Psychotherapy for seniors

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