EHR and practice management for mental / behavioral health

MIPS / PQRS / MACRA / Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), the federal government launched the HITECH program, which provided stimulus incentive funds for demonstrating Meaningful Use of certified EHR (electronic health records). Under this program, Eligible Professionals...

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PIMSY is uniquely different

How is PIMSY different from other mental health EHR software systems? In addition to our sunflower logo – and bright & sunny vibe – PIMSY has some unique qualities that set it apart from other programs on the market: 1. Created especially for mental & behavioral health PIMSY...

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PIMSY behavioral health EMR announces its new mobile application!

Introducing the PIMSY app!

After a lot of hard work, focus, and many rounds of feedback + testing, we’re proud and excited to announce the PIMSY app! The new PIMSY app allows our clients to access PIMSY on their mobile device and makes it even easier to work remotely, serving their clients whenever and wherever works for them! Cost There...

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Mental Health, Creativity, and the Lunar Cycle

Whether you can associate your own physical or emotional responses to the lunar cycles, there’s no denying that the moon is responsible for the natural rhythms that we are surrounded by, connected to and a part of. As the tidal waves change, the seasons shift, and the kingdoms of nature ebb and flow,...

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Health & Wellness in Summer

Oh, how that summer buzz so effortlessly conjures a playful spirit among us all in the garden: plants, people, and insects alike. The flowers are taking their turns in bloom, the bees are busy making their rounds, and the pests love to show up for their fair share of our garden’s greens. The blueberries...

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PIMSY Referral Partner Program

What Is It? The quick version: You give us a name and endorsement, we do the demo, we close the deal, and give you a commission. The long version: The PIMSY Referral Program is a way to leverage existing relationships for mutual benefit among PIMSY EHR, PIMSY customers, and PIMSY partners. It builds...

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Mental Health, Self Care, and Nutrition: Spring

Maybe you’re starting to feel the seasonal shift physically, but do you know what’s being asked of you? Spring is the time to shake off the heavy feelings of lethargy, cleanse ourselves of accumulated imbalances, and rejuvenate ourselves in preparation for the warmth and vibrancy of summer. As Mother...

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Children’s Health and Nature

Do you have memories of nature or playing outdoors from childhood? What do they conjure up? As a child growing up in the suburbs, if it was a nice day out, you were outside. There were usually a gaggle of us from the neighborhood riding bikes, playing kickball, climbing trees, or playing in the snow. We...

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Mental Health and Social Connections

Did you know that strong social connections can help you live longer and lower levels of anxiety and depression? When looking at how to best support your mental health, it’s important to recognize the positive role relationships can have, with supportive & quality connections heightening our sense...

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Mental Health & Movement – Spring

Ever heard of a Resurrection plant? Hailing from the desert, it’s a botanical wonder that comes to life over and over when you water it. When it’s dry, the little tumbleweed curls up into a ball and turns brown. Also known as the Rose of Jericho, when exposed to a little bit of moisture, it slowly...

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Meditation and Mental Health

We’re all in need of a healthy sense of perspective on ourselves and our relations in the world. The best way to cultivate that – and keep it in check – is by bringing awareness to the present moment and doing the work to consistently show up as the best version of ourselves. If you’re...

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Nutrition & Mental Health: Winter

As a farmer growing with the rhythms of nature, the seasons play a large part in my routine, diet, energy levels, and mood. When winter rolls around, it’s time to slow down, turn toward home projects, and enjoy summer’s preserves, root vegetables, and nutritious warm soups. Without those sunny days...

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A Yogi’s Tips for Managing Winter Blues

Even those of us not formally diagnosed with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) might feel lethargic, down, and/or blue during the winter months. How can you support mental & emotional wellness during these darkest months of the year? My first recommendation for those who suffer from the winter...

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Kudos from Clients

Seth H.

“PIMSY more than pays for itself by streamlining my office, improving efficiency and reducing billing times. I would recommend PIMSY to anyone looking for a good EMR company that will help you implement its program and help you with any questions you have along the way.”

~ Seth H., Business Owner