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Inpatient EHR Software for Mental Health Residential Facilities

PIMSY offers a specialized inpatient EHR system crafted to meet the unique demands of the mental healthcare industry. It’s equipped with comprehensive features to streamline the management of inpatient data and residential care for mental health patients facing challenges such as addiction and substance use. PIMSY’s EHR system offers advanced features to facilitate unparalleled around-the-clock care coordination, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and ensure continuous patient monitoring.

The integration of sophisticated technology with an intuitive interface makes PIMSY the ideal choice for inpatient and residential mental health facilities seeking to boost their operational efficiency without compromising on the quality of care they deliver. 

Key Features for Inpatient Facility Residents


Telehealth Solution

Provide flexible, alternative care options, reducing barriers to treatment and enhancing safety and accessibility for all patients.

Patient Portal

Engage patients in their care through secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and access to their patient information, boosting satisfaction and compliance.

Continuity of Care

Ensure a seamless transition of care and patient data (CCDA Documents), which is crucial for referrals or coordination with external healthcare providers.

Client Dashboard

Stay informed on treatment and progress with real-time updates to labs, vitals, and other clinical information with PIMSY’s intuitive Client Dashboard.

Practice and Administration Advantages
for Inpatient Facilities

Bed Management

Optimize inpatient capacity and resource allocation, ensuring that every patient receives timely care. This leads to improved operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. 

client documentation icon

Inventory Management

Keep your medication inventory up to date and audit-ready with real-time inventory decrements, manual and automated pill count comparisons, and warnings for patient/medication discrepancies.

Treatment Plans

Create comprehensive treatment plans with ease, ensuring every patient’s journey is tailored to their specific recovery goals and adapts to their different needs.


Electronic Billing & Authorization Management

Streamline billing processes, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure timely reimbursements, contributing to financial health and operational efficiency.

Electronic Medication Administration

With barcode and QR scanning, quickly and efficiently administer medications, monitor reactions, and adjust dosing schedules with PIMSY’s intuitive eMAR feature.

ePrescribing & Medication Management

Simplify medication management with PIMSY’s ePrescribe integration, enhancing patient safety and reducing medical errors.


“We love PIMSY eMar check-in and the customization PIMSY has provided with that module. Our eMar allows for effective management of patients who are receiving daily medications from the nurse, and it integrates that service delivery seamlessly into billing.”

– Max M.

“PIMSY is exactly what we needed. It has enabled us to be more aware of and efficient with our time, and recognize where we need to improve efficiency and organizational processes.”

– Melissa B.


Can I customize the templates for different types of sessions?

Absolutely! PIMSY allows for full customization of note templates to meet the needs of your services, ensuring that documentation is both efficient and comprehensive.

How does PIMSY support inpatient and residential facility management?

PIMSY offers comprehensive features like Bed Management, Census Reports, Medication Inventory Management, eMAR, and UB-04/Residential Billing, designed to streamline facility operations and enhance patient care.

Can PIMSY integrate with other solutions used by our inpatient facility?

Yes, our electronic health record is designed with interoperability in mind, offering seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of tools. This includes laboratories, Health Information Exchanges (HIE’s), and other third-party applications critical to inpatient care. Such integration facilitates a unified healthcare ecosystem, streamlining workflows, enhancing data accuracy, and enabling comprehensive care coordination across different service providers.

How does the EHR system enhance clinical workflows and improve medical practices within inpatient facilities?

By automating routine administrative items and simplifying tasks such as patient scheduling, medication management, and billing processes, the system frees healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care rather than paperwork. This leads to more efficient care delivery and better patient outcomes.

Empowering Mental Health Care: Why PIMSY Stands Apart

By requesting a demo, you’ll discover how PIMSY offers unmatched customization and flexibility, morphing to meet your facility’s specific needs at every step from therapy session templates to billing processes. Our features and integrations prioritize patient engagement and satisfaction through telehealth, real-time note-taking, and an extensive client dashboard, while also streamlining administrative tasks like treatment planning and electronic billing to maximize staff focus on patient care. With comprehensive support and advanced security measures, PIMSY ensures your data is protected and compliant, embodying the transformative power necessary to elevate your mental health care delivery. 

Embrace PIMSY for its user-friendly technology and comprehensive care management features, empowering your team to deliver compassionate, efficient, and personalized care. Take the first step towards operational excellence and unparalleled patient care.


Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.