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Group Therapy
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Transform Your Group Therapy Sessions with PIMSY’s EHR System

Designed to integrate directly into your workflow, PIMSY EHR transforms group therapy sessions by providing clinicians with intuitive tools for real-time note-taking, client engagement, practice management, and more. Group therapy relies on collective experience and support to promote the healing and growth of patients. PIMSY enables therapists to focus on what truly matters – facilitating meaningful connections and fostering growth within their groups.

Boost Your Patient Satisfaction


Offer Telehealth Solutions

Offering a robust telehealth integration, PIMSY connects attendees with ease, making mental health support accessible and convenient.

Accessible Patient Portal

Engage clients by allowing them to view their treatment plans, schedule appointments, track their progress, and access therapy resources anytime. This allows them to understand their treatment journey and feel empowered in their mental health care.

Customized Client Forms

Enable clients to complete intake forms, assessments, and feedback surveys directly through the client portal. Active involvement in the therapeutic journey has been found to enhance client satisfaction and improve outcomes.

Secure Automated Messaging

Keep your clients informed and engaged with automated reminders for upcoming sessions and important therapy milestones, reducing no-shows.

Improve Your Group Practice Management

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Centralized Scheduling Module

Simplifies the coordination of group sessions across clinicians, locations, and modalities, ensuring efficient use of resources.

Group Notes

Streamlines documentation for group therapy sessions, enabling comprehensive notes that reflect the group dynamics and individual contributions. This process is done quickly while maintaining confidentiality amongst group members. 

Reporting Module

Provides valuable insights into therapy outcomes, attendance patterns, and billing information, helping mental health professionals make data-driven and value-based decisions.


Electronic Billing

Automates the billing process, ensuring accurate and timely reimbursement for group therapy sessions without administrative headaches.


“Scheduling, medical records, coordination with pediatricians, and billing are all in one easy system. PIMSY has give our agency the ability to be productive and successful at an affordable cost.”

– Jen G.

“I love PIMSY! It makes it so much easier for everyone working with clients to track authorizations & units.”

– Karen B.


Can I customize the templates for different types of therapy sessions?

Yes, PIMSY allows full customization of templates to suit various therapy modalities, ensuring that providers can tailor documentation to meet the specific needs of each group therapy session.

How does PIMSY handle client confidentiality in group settings?

PIMSY is designed with privacy and confidentiality at its core, offering secure ways to manage and share detailed information of group members while adhering to HIPAA guidelines and ensuring that client’s health information is protected. Clinicians document the group portion of the note, which is then automatically applied to each attendee’s note. This allows the provider to document individual portions of each group member’s medical record while retaining confidentiality and consistency.

Is training provided for staff members to learn how to use PIMSY effectively?

Yes, PIMSY offers comprehensive training and support to ensure your employees can leverage all its features fully, maximizing the benefits for your practice and clients.

When is group therapy used in mental health?

Group therapy is used in mental health settings to provide support, encouragement, and skill-building opportunities for individuals dealing with various mental health conditions. Effective utilization of electronic health record systems simplifies administrative tasks and improves patient care.

Explore More of PIMSY EHR, the EHR Made for Your Group Therapy Service

The integration of a behavioral health EHR system like PIMSY into group therapy offers a multitude of benefits. Choose PIMSY as your trusted partner for its unparalleled support, combining ease of use with powerful, customizable tools designed to meet the unique needs of your practice, providers, and clients. With features like telehealth, secure automated messaging, electronic billing, and a client portal, PIMSY stands out as a comprehensive solution that enhances client satisfaction and engagement for your group therapy sessions.


Feeling forced into a new EHR and the deadline is looming?

All EHRs are not the same. It’s critical to find the one that fits the unique needs of your organization. Find out why people choose PIMSY.