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Mind to Mindful

Mind to Mindful Transforms Mental Health Services and Achieves Remarkable Growth with PIMSY EHR: A Case Study in Innovation and Efficiency

Case Study Stats

Name: Mind to Mindful (M2M)
Web Site:  
Users: 141 
Location: HQ in California / multiple locations 
Customer: 3 years
Services:  Outpatient therapy, group therapy, telehealth, mindfulness training


Established in 2015, Mind to Mindful (M2M) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing mindfulness-based therapy. Dr. Mark Levine, a certified psychiatrist and the innovative mind behind Community Psychiatry, one of California’s most significant private multi-site group practices, founded M2M to promote mindfulness within the medical community. Collaborating with esteemed health systems like Sutter and UCLA, M2M is pivotal in championing mindfulness training. 

These courses, initiated by M2M, go beyond theory, imparting practical skills that empower individuals to reduce suffering and foster happiness. Dr. Levine’s profound influence in the field, shaped by over thirty years of experience in clinical and corporate settings, has taught people how to navigate stress and enhance overall well-being. 


M2M was searching for a resilient EHR solution to facilitate rapid adaptations in response to the surge in clients and appointments across the state in various locations. Additionally, they aimed to streamline workflows and processes as their clinical practice expanded and public education initiatives gained momentum. Tackling the complex landscape of California regulations and oversight added another layer of challenge. An agile and dedicated support team was deemed essential for swift and ongoing communication, enabling the prompt implementation of these necessary changes. 


M2M faced several challenges, impacting their ability to provide effective and accessible services.  

  1. High Demand and Limited Resources
    High demand for mental health services with limited resources to address needs because of California’s large and diverse population. 
  1. Insurance and Reimbursement Issues
    Navigating complex billing processes, low reimbursement rates, and changes in insurance policies.  
  1. Technology Integration
    The ability for existing applications to integrate with a new solution while ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive patient information. 
  1. Policy and Regulatory Changes
    Administrative challenges in staying compliant with changing laws. 


In 2021, M2M presented PIMSY with an opportunity to provide a customized Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution that aligns with the changing workplace needs of a growing mental and behavioral health agency. Specific emphasis was placed on addressing key areas to establish accountability and oversight controls essential for improved and concise practice management. 


Features built into PIMSY Administration functionality eliminated repetitive tasks and streamlined processes while enabling agency-wide sharing of the client data:  

  • Payroll – seamless integration with clinician gross payment calculations by extracting data for transfer to a third-party payroll system. This significantly reduces manual calculations and ensures accuracy and efficiency from the beginning of the payroll process.
  • Tags – customizable to facilitate effortless recognition and swift retrieval of vital information. 
  • Tasks – assess status with color-coded indicators in one view, prioritize tasks, add latest items, and communicate workload for enhanced and efficient communication.
  • Global Notes List – customize notes view access based on user profiles, ranging from single provider access to supervisor-level access.
  • Streamlined Provider Navigation – easily toggle between clients and open charts as PIMSY tracks and maintains available activities, eliminating the need to close and reopen tasks repeatedly.
  • Calendar – quickly and conveniently manage client schedules with the ability to view all upcoming appointments.
  • Easy Communication – send follow-up instructions and guidance to clients through the Patient Portal.
  • Client Documentation – effortless note generation, saving time, and maintaining efficient workflows.
  • Client Management – toggle between multiple client tabs, update notes, reference appointments, and manage tasks in a single, user-friendly window.


Ensuring compliance was crucial in maintaining patient information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability while meeting California’s legal and regulatory requirements. The PIMSY platform is HIPAA Compliant with robust access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to patient data.  

  • Auditing and Audit Trails – Comprehensive audit trails that log all activities within the system and regularly review them to detect and respond to any unusual or unauthorized actions.
  • Access Controls – Strict access controls limit user access to the minimum necessary information required for perspective roles. 
  • Interoperability Standards – Adheres to interoperability standards, allowing for seamless exchange of patient information with other healthcare systems while maintaining data integrity and security.


PIMSY Billing portal includes robust features to significantly lower denial rates: 

  1. Front-end claim scrubbing to catch errors before submitting claims.
  2. Batch eligibility verification to check insurance coverage before providing services.
  3. Electronic secondary claim submission.
  4. Unmatched reporting capabilities to streamline billing processes.

HR Management/Payroll 

PIMSY enhanced and customized existing payroll functionality to accommodate M2M’s unique business model for clinician payments with strict adherence to California state employment laws.  


Click on an image below for a closer look at the data.


M2M embarked on a transformative journey with PIMSY in 2020 as their comprehensive EHR solution to address challenges and enhance its mental and behavioral health services. This partnership enabled significant strides in promoting mindfulness-based therapy and extending its reach across various locations in California.     

Recognizing the increasing demand for mental health services and the need for streamlined workflows, M2M sought a robust EHR solution to navigate complex billing processes, regulatory changes, and technology integration challenges. The collaboration with PIMSY proved instrumental in achieving successful outcomes in operational efficiency, compliance and security, billing optimization, and HR Management/Payroll Enhancement.  

As a result, the partnership laid the foundation for continued growth, efficiency, and enhanced client care within mental and behavioral health services. This success underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in advancing mental health practices. Accordingly, under Dr. Levine’s leadership, M2M continues to be a beacon in promoting mindfulness and fostering well-being within the medical community. Further, it defines his commitment to making valuable mental health resources accessible to a broader audience. 

Customer Testimonials 

“The PIMSY Portal is fantastic for our users by empowering them to manage their schedules, notes, and client charts in one easy location reducing excess back and forth between office staff and users. It reduces approximately 35% of the back-and-forth communications regarding scheduling and notes.”

Joshua W., IT Manager 

“Something to bring to light is the payroll process and calculating the gross payments for the clinicians. This is the cornerstone of our payroll, allowing us to dump the data from PIMSY and upload the data into our 3rd party payroll system with no manual calculation. This is a great tool, ensuring accuracy from start to finish of the payroll process.”

Doug W., Chief Operating Officer 

Author: pehradmin

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