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The Northern Lighthouse, Inc.

PIMSY and The Northern Lighthouse: Illuminating Success in Maine’s Mental Health Landscape

Case Study Stats

Name: The Northern Lighthouse, Inc. (TNL)
Web Site: 
Users: 33
Location: HQ in Maine / 4 locations
Customer: 8 years
Services: Short-Term Residential Programs (Ages 8-21), Section 28 Program, Outpatient Therapy, Training and Education, Community Integration and Skills-building program


One of Maine’s largest mental health centers, The Northern Lighthouse, Inc., extends unparalleled support to adults and children with mental and behavioral disabilities.  

For over 15 years, this non-profit organization has offered a diverse range of mental health services, including Short-Term Residential Programs (Ages 8-21), Section 28 Program, Outpatient Therapy, Training and Education, and Community Integration and Skills-building programs. 


The Northern Lighthouse sought a robust EHR solution to implement swift changes to process the increase in clients and appointments they were experiencing. The solution required addressing the incredibly challenging regulations and oversight of Maine’s Medicaid System, MaineCare. They needed an agile and dedicated support team to provide quick and ongoing communication to implement these changes quickly. 


TNL faced several challenges that required an innovative software solution:

  1. Regulatory environment- providers in Maine must navigate state-specific regulations and licensing requirements
  2. Time constraints
  3. Limited internal staff and resources


In 2011, The Northern Lighthouse chose PIMSY as the new EHR solution to enhance their ability to manage compliance needs, staff productivity, and regulatory changes. We provided an exceptional customer solution tailored to addressing TNL’s complex compliance and billing issues. 

  1.  PIMSY created Electronic 837I and 837P (Institutional Billing) files for the submission of claims to insurance payers and Maine’s Medicaid system, MaineCare.
  2. The implementation of Telehealth ensured patient confidentiality, security, and HIPAA compliance.
  3. PIMSY developed a unique state-specific decrement that deviates from the guidelines specified in the CPT code books.


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In conclusion, PIMSY was able to help The Northern Lighthouse make significant strides in fulfilling its mission of providing exceptional mental health services to adults and children with mental and behavioral disabilities. Over the past 15 years, this well-respected non-profit organization has demonstrated unwavering dedication to its clients and community and deserved the same from its EHR. 

Recognizing the need for a robust Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution to navigate the complex landscape of Maine’s regulatory environment, The Northern Lighthouse turned to PIMSY in 2011. Together, we embarked on a journey to address the challenges of state-specific regulations, time constraints, and limited internal resources. 

The results have been remarkable. Annual appointments have grown 845% since 2011, demonstrating TNL’s commitment to serving its community and the ability to adapt quickly to changing demands. Furthermore, the active client base has increased 143% from 2011. This growth speaks to clients’ trust and confidence in TNL’s ability to provide critical mental health services. 

PIMSY’s innovative solutions, including Electronic 837I and 837P billing files, the implementation of Telehealth for enhanced patient confidentiality, security, and HIPAA compliance, and creating a state-specific decrement for billing purposes, have played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes. 

The Northern Lighthouse, Inc. has met and exceeded its objectives by partnering with PIMSY. Together, they have navigated the challenges of the regulatory environment, expanded their capacity to serve the community, and optimized their operational performance. The future looks bright as they continue their mission of providing unparalleled support to those in need of mental health services in Maine. 

Author: pehradmin

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