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PIMSY is a Comprehensive, Flexible, and Affordable EHR Solution

PUBLISHED ON: 03.28.2021
PIMSY is a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable mental health EHR

Why should you consider PIMSY as a mental and behavioral health EHR solution? Because PIMSY is a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable EHR solution organically built for mental and behavioral health.


PIMSY is an enterprise-level EHR, meaning that it has all the bells & whistles of a much larger system. We built PIMSY to the specs of our customers, many of whom are robust agencies. Because of their complex software needs, PIMSY offers the capabilities required by large organizations.

In order to best serve our customers, we also offer three different tiers of PIMSY, which vary in price – and, therefore, functionality:

Prime includes the basics of PIMSY: notes, client charts, treatment plans, medication tracking, authorization management, appointment reminders, and the PIMSY mobile app.

PIMSY Professional includes everything from Prime and additionally offers comprehensive electronic billing and remittance (837/835), clearinghouse integration, additional HR & reporting capabilities, a waitlist, a patient portal, an automatic form filler, and much more.

Platinum is the mac daddy of PIMSY, offering not only all of the features of Professional but also functionality for inpatient and substance use treatment. This includes ePrescribe, bed management, eMAR, inventory, lab integration, and specialized tools for PHP, Medication Management, IOP, residential, PRP, PSR, and MAT.

All 3 plans include appointment reminders, integrated scheduling, and other agency management features.

Flexible.PIMSY is a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable EHR solution for mental & behavioral health.

PIMSY’s unique architecture and functionality give it unprecedented flexibility. You can customize almost any part of the system to your unique preferences.

In addition to being able to control what each staff member can see or do in the system, you have the ability to tailor almost every aspect of your agency, including notes, treatment plan, forms, reports, receipts, and much more.

Comprehensive training is included in the cost; as part of this onboarding process, we teach you how to customize these various elements of the program. We’ve not seen any other EHR that offers this level of flexibility.


There are several reasons why PIMSY is the best value mental health EHR available:

1. All-In-One Pricing

Tailored implementation, comprehensive training, and responsive support are included in PIMSY’s cost! With other systems, these are often billed a la carte, in addition to onboarding fees. This alone is a huge savings and an incredible value.

2. Best Bang for Your Buck

Because PIMSY offers so many robust features – at the price of a much smaller system – it’s the best value EHR. Any other system we’ve found that offers the high level of solid product & responsive customer support you get with PIMSY charges up to ten times more than we do! Get the most bang for your buck.

3. Extraordinary Customer Service

Just take a look at our Kudos page and see for yourself why people absolutely love our team. We know our clients by name and are invested in helping them confront the unique challenges of their agency. We go above & beyond to offer our customers integrity, quality, and reliability to get the most out of PIMSY and maximize it for their needs.

PIMSY is a comprehensive, flexible, and affordable EHR solution. You won’t find a better team to work with – and we have the references to prove it. Contact us for details: 877.334.8512,


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